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Block Island Power Wetlands & Endangered Species Assessment - New Shoreham, RI

Mason & Associates prepared a wetlands evaluation report and Endangered Species Act Section 7 Biological Assessment for a 34.5 kV Electrical Transmission Line. The project proposed 6.5 miles of transmission line upgrades in Charlestown, RI, installation of a submarine cable across Block Island Sound, and the installation of 3.1 miles of direct buried cable on Block Island, RI. The firm performed a right-of-way assessment that identified and analyzed potential construction impacts and potential secondary effects to wetlands and federally threatened or endangered species. Two primary species of concern were the federally threatened Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) and the federally endangered American Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus americanus). Several transient marine species were also assessed. Mason & Associates addressed issues raised by state and federal wildlife species experts. A comprehensive review of the project Alternatives Analysis and Secondary Impacts Assessment and follow-on wetland delineation and coastal permitting services were also provided.
Sakonnet Point Club Impact Assessment - Little Compton, RI

The Sakonnet Harbor Conservancy hired Mason & Associates to evaluate potential impacts from the proposed Sakonnet Point Club in Little Compton, Rhode Island. The evaluation focused on impacts to water quality, aquatic life, aesthetics, and public access. Water quality issues included nutrient and bacteria loading, stormwater, wastewater, and metal contamination from the proposed desalinization system. Potential impacts to aquatic life, such eelgrass and macroalgae, were examined as well. The company eviewed proposed plans and used graphics software to evaluate public access issues and aesthetic impacts. Sakonnet Harbor Conservancy was able to use the information provided to advocate a more responsible plan for development of this site.
Wetland Restoration - East Providence, RI

Mason & Associates designed and built a Spartina alterniflora saltmarsh at an oil terminal tank farm and site of a former toluene release. The marsh is designed to restore former wetland functions and to reduce residual toxic chemicals through phytoremediation. Mason & Associates has continued to monitor the progress of the restoration in terms of vegetation density and species diversity.
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