Mason & Associates, Inc. Wetland Consultants
BJ's Wholesale Club - Middletown, RI

Mason & Associates prepared environmental studies, obtained wetland permits, and conducted environmental compliance monitoring for construction of a major retail center in Middletown, RI. Work included obtaining a RI DEM Freshwater Wetlands permit for development proximate to environmentally sensitive areas, including the water supply for the City of Newport. The firm coordinated design development of stormwater management facilities with officials from two municipalities and the State of Rhode Island to offset potential water quality issues. The final design provided a net water quality benefit to both municipalities by addressing non-point source runoff issues on-site. The project also involved detailed wetland delineation in a locality exhibiting complex vegetative communities and the problematic dark soils of the Narragansett Basin. Additionally, wildlife/buffer plantings and floodplain compensation were developed and incorporated by Mason & Associates personnel to create an attractive and permittable proposal meeting the criteria of all parties involved.
Regional Mall - Hartford Metropolitan Area, CT
Potential environmental impacts and wetland permit issues were identified for two alternative mall sites in the Hartford, CT metropolitan region. The national firm proposing the development required approximately 150 acres of developable land with good access to the regional highway network. Mason & Associates provided wetland and wildlife field services and assisted in the development of alternative site layouts to meet developer's needs while limiting environmental impacts to an acceptable level. Mason & Associates also developed wetland mitigation schemes including constructed wetlands for water quality treatment.
Bellingham Business Center - Bellingham, MA
Mason & Associates, Inc. prepared and submitted a Notice of Intent (NOI) permit application for the proposed Bellingham Business Center in Bellingham, MA. The project received an approved Order of Conditions to construct a 210,000 square foot commercial warehouse building and associated drainage system. Other project work included wetland delineation, Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) compliance, and preparation of a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) NOI. Additionally, a stormwater management system was designed to mitigate project-related runoff in accordance with state and local regulations. The final project was consistent with the goals and objectives of the Town's Master Plan and Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) Regional Development Plan.
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