Mason & Associates, Inc. Wetland Consultants
University of Connecticut Landfill - Mansfield, CT 

The University of Connecticut is undertaking a major landfill closure and wetland restoration project at their Storrs campus. Mason & Associates delineated the wetlands at the site and performed a function and value assessment. The company used this information to develop a mitigation plan that included areas of both wetland creation and enhancement. Wetland enhancement plans included extensive remediation of wetland areas that were contaminated by the landfill. Mason & Associates provided permitting services at both the State and Federal level. Follow-on services have included preparation of plans and specifications, construction monitoring, and educational outreach with faculty and students. Mason & Associates continues to monitor wetland development, vegetation, soils, wildlife, hydrology, and amphibian breeding habitat during the post-construction mitigation monitoring period.
W. Alton Jones Facility - West Greenwich, RI

This project involved a number of improvements to the University of Rhode Island’s W. Alton Jones conference facility, including beach facility alterations, building additions, and installation of a waterline that crosses an intermittent stream channel, with its associated RIDEM jurisdictional Riverbank Wetland, and Perimeter Wetland. Mason & Associates performed fieldwork including wetland delineation based on soils and vegetation. Mason & Associates worked with the client and project architect to avoid and minimize impacts to wetlands during the project. Technical analysis and mitigation measures were provided in support of wetland permits granted by RIDEM.
Massachusetts Correctional Facility - Norfolk, MA
Wetland delineation and vegetation analysis were performed by Mason & Associates at this Commonwealth of Massachusetts maximum security prison. Assistance in the preparation of a Notice of Intent wetland permit application was also provided for a corrosion control facility project that required excavation within the wetland buffer. Along with this fieldwork, Mason & Associates worked with the client to develop plans that resulted in only a temporary disturbance within the buffer zone and no significant impacts to wetland.
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