Mason & Associates, Inc. Wetland Consultants
Walmart Store - North Attleborough, MA 

Mason & Associates provided consulting services in connection with the control of invasive plant species adjacent to Walmart Store # 2366. Using transect sampling methods, work included an on-site inventory regarding the extent of invasive plant species within a detention basin. Invasive plant species were identified and flagged and a written report was prepared to document their extent, propose removal methods, and provide a long term management plan to control the growth of invasive vegetation.
Indian Avenue Buffer Zone Management - Portsmouth, RI

Mason & Associates developed a CRMC Buffer Zone Management Plan for a residence along the Sakonnet River in Middletown. Plan elements included shoreline recreation structures, shore access, and invasive plant species management and restorative planting. One of the firm's on-staff Certified Invasives Managers worked closely with CRMC to ensure the project complied with CRMC Buffer Zone regulations and guidance. Mason & Associates conducted field investigations, reviewed plans, recommended plant species, and suggested methods for invasive species control and longterm management. Plans were approved and a CRMC Assent obtained for the project. Ongoing services include monitoring of invasives control and review of planting success.
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