Mason & Associates, Inc. Wetland Consultants
Burleigh Estates Subdivision - Palmer, MA

Mason & Associates provided consulting services in response to an Administrative Consent Order for a sediment discharge from a residential construction site into off-site wetlands and waterways immediately upstream of the Roger Reed Salmon Hatchery. The firm coordinated extensively with the DEP, Division of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Town of Palmer, site contractor and others. Mason & Associates collected baseline data, performed site characterization and sediment analysis, and prepared the Pond and River Restoration Plan.

Mason & Associates participated in contractor solicitation and selection. During implementation of the Restoration Plan, the company provided continuous, on-site environmental compliance monitoring. Site work was efficiently conducted and closely monitored to ensure operation of the State fish hatchery was not adversely affected. Following sediment removal and site restoration, M & A prepared the required Pond and River Restoration Post-Construction Report. DEP accepted the Report and found that restoration work was completed in substantial compliance with the Order.

Massachusetts Task Force Facility - Beverly, MA
On behalf of the City of Beverly, Mason & Associates provided environmental and construction monitoring services in response to an Administrative Consent Order for wetland alteration on the City’s civil defense property known as the Massachusetts Task Force Facility. To ensure compliance with the Order and the preparation of a responsive wetland restoration plan, this effort was closely coordinated with DEP, who approved the detailed Wetland Restoration Plan and Schedule. As required, the company performed construction oversight and environmental compliance monitoring. Restoration included: re-establishing pre-existing wetland elevations, hydrology, and intermittent stream channel, and planting and seeding of a 0.5-acre wetland. DEP determined that restoration had been completed in substantial compliance with the approved Plan and Consent Order and all submissions and restoration activity were completed in accordance with the schedule established in the Order. As required, the wetland restoration area will be monitored and annual reports will be prepared for a 5-year period.
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