Mason & Associates, Inc. Wetland Consultants
Carolina Farm Subdivision - Charlestown, RI

For this subdivision, Mason & Associates performed an environmental impact analysis of the project site. This in-depth study included information on aesthetics, the built and natural environment, how the subdivision fit into the town's Comprehensive Plan, what public services were available, impacts on traffic, and a cost/benefit analysis. After completion, the environmental analysis was submitted to the Charlestown Planning Commission and expert witness testimony provided.
Oak Ridge Subdivision - North Attleboro, MA
Wetlands were delineated by Mason & Associates for the planned expansion of this residential subdivision. Areas of the site qualified as “problem area” for wetland delineation due to their location in a former sand and gravel mining area. Massachusetts Bordering Vegetated Wetland Delineation Field Data Forms were prepared in support of a Notice of Intent wetland application filed for the project. Mason & Associates also evaluated site wetlands for potential vernal pools, and participated in a site walk with the Conservation Commission.
Stub Pond Assessment - Avon, CT

Mason & Associates conducted an environmental assessment of Stub Pond for the Pond Place Association in Avon, Connecticut. The purpose of the assessment was to provide information to the Association so they might make an educated decision on whether or not to pursue ownership of the pond and adjoining property. Key issues addressed by the assessment included pond eutrophication, non-point sources of pollution, dam maintenance, and recreational use. Mason & Associates prepared the assessment by synthesizing existing reports, historical research, interviews, and site investigation. A wide range of recommendations was developed, from short-term methods of controlling non-point source pollution, to long-term measures for pond restoration.
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